Neue Haas Unica

14.04.2015 🕑 23:45  🧑  Tiku Digital

Дизайн ✨, Шрифты

Ultra Light – Extra Black

Work­ing from prints of Hel­vetica, Univers and Akzi­denz Grotesk, the trio iden­ti­fied, com­pared and eval­u­ated the finest of details, cre­at­ing a new-generation sans-serif that elim­i­nated the imper­fec­tions of its pre­de­ces­sors. “Unica was designed to be dif­fer­ent,” said André Gürtler; “sharper than Hel­vetica, warmer than Univers, cleaner than Akzidenz.”


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